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my fiance doesn’t believe in dressing up animals.

videos like this help me explain why *i* do.

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Watch this in case you’re not sure …

uh. may. zing.


Crazy infographics: what to do with a book.

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Gen M is about passion, responsibility, authenticity, and challenging yesterday’s way of everything. Everywhere I look, I see an explosion of Gen M businesses, NGOs, open-source communities, local initiatives, government. Who’s Gen M? Obama, kind of. Larry and Sergey. The Threadless, Etsy, and Flickr guys. Ev, Biz and the Twitter crew. Tehran 2.0. The folks at Kiva, Talking Points Memo, and FindtheFarmer. Shigeru Miyamoto, Steve Jobs, Muhammad Yunus, and Jeff Sachs are like the grandpas of Gen M. There are tons where these innovators came from.

Gen M isn’t just kind of awesome — it’s vitally necessary. If you think the “M”s sound idealistic, think again.

The great crisis isn’t going away, changing, or “morphing.” It’s the same old crisis — and it’s growing.

Dear Old People Who Run the World,

My generation would like to break up with you.

[Umair Haque | Edge Economy]



The Breeders — Saints

Fuck yeah. Joe is my DJ tonight.

you guys should tune into Triple J’s Hottest 100 of all time. it’s like every awesome song ever made (and well into the top 20 now).

i always wondered who lived in that apartment — Tea & Sympathy remains one of my very special New York memories. it’s also the first (and certainly not last) place Suki beat me in Scrabble.

Who Lives There: The Bohemian Dream, in 350 Square Feet []

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